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The Warlock’s Zoo

After yesterday I didn’t feel like torture myself again with Shaman, so I’ve went to try out sth new. New not – however, I didn’t use it yet, until today; I am talking about the so-called Zoo-Deck.

It seems pretty simple and it was alot of fun playing with it.
The deck mainly consists of low level mana minions and provides from early on control over the table. Still I think it requires some more practise. And still, the most important factor – it was really fun and I’ll happily work on getting better with it!

The yesterdays’ mission is done btw. First game with this deck was a success (so lucky..).

I used a site as help for building my deck:

I can just recommend it to everyone, who hasn’t such a big card pool yet, but need some powerful decks – for any class btw.

Sure, I had to adjust some cards as I don’t have all shown there. But I’m still satisfied with the outcome :3

Anyway, here in short the (more or less) required cards:



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