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Webcam vs The Witcher III Wild Hunt

Yea, I know. I sux.
OP game, OP console, OP graphics, shitty pictures :’D

Anyway, it’s here *-* Finally! The game I’ve been waiting months for.. I have written about it, maybe you remember.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

And I’ve been playing it! Imagine… me. Playing on console. Plz.
Actually I felt totally confused as I usually am a pure PC Gamer 😀 But it’s never too late to learn, and for my beloved Witcher I’ll gladly get used to the controls of the PS4 console :3

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Gameplay

OP screenshot. Really. Best screenshot ever made :v
Fortunately there are tons of The Witcher 3 material on the Internet… >_<

Anyway, it has been quite funny so far. Killed some dogs, met a firebug, visited a herb woman in her house after stealing all the herbs out of her garden – just to sell them afterwards to her… ummm… well 😀

Now my next job is to kill the griffin. This one is pretty tough tho ^^


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The Fascination About A Game.

You see it right. The Witcher 3 got me! And I’m waiting impatiently for its release.


I mean… just look at those graphics..!


…and those detailed mimics!!
I mean… I’m totally owned by this game >_<

And last but not least… (16h of Sex Scene Mo-Cap data) I mean..

if you know


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