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Behind Blue Eyes

This is going to be only a short post.
Yesterday after using one of my ultimate abilities I saw THESE EYES! I was like flashed by the look, and this is on lowest graphic quality…. Also there is coming some icy fog out of the hands. Love it! Just look at it, this is so cool *-*!!

Elder Scrolls Eyes


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Lost In The Elder Scrolls

I must say, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game, which made me totally happy. I actually could spend my whole day with it. But…
…seems destiny had a greater plan with me. So came that my friend John gifted me this one; The Elder Scrolls Online..!

This again has put me since then into a dilemma, only thing left to say here.. -> first world problems ._.!

1st world

Ok. Not too hard the decision, like… The Witcher I only got on our PS4, so that console needs to be unoccupied so I could play it. Else.. I indeed might just spend the whole day with that sexy man ;D

Buuuut back to the topic!! This wasn’t about The Witcher 3, but about The Elder Scrolls Online!
Time to show some material 😀

Elder Scrolls Online 1

And here we have an early character with a bow! Yea. I know. That’s incredible exciting.
Anyway, a pure screenshot in the rain. I should mention, the changing weather in TESO makes a damn good athmosphere, sth I am really enjoying in there..!

Later I got also some mods.

The Elder Scrolls 2

I’m a pretty big fan of modding. As you can see here, I got a minimap and a better quest listing.
Further some datas on the top of the screen, like experience bar, time, FPS, Ping.. (yes, the 215 ping, as I’m playing on NA server but living in europe, nothing I’d be surprised of, however it’s not noticeable aswell)

The Elder Scrolls 3

After leaving the cave now some nice scenery in the nature.

In all I can say, I really like the graphics of this game. It’s a contrast to the more comic-like WoW, but doesn’t look so cheap like many of those asian mmorpgs which have tried to achieve that.
Above all the game is running fluid, so nothing to complain about it.

The athmosphere is nice too tho.. to be honest I needed to bring down my expectations regarding that after playing The Witcher, which is kinda.. godlike in bringing athmosphere to the player.
Anywayyyyyy…. The Elder Scrolls Online also turned out to be very nice imho! :3

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