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Overture Classes – The Soldier

So today I’d like to talk about the Soldier or “Pantheon” like I call him! Why do I call him Pantheon? Well..


This might be just coincidence… or a big conspiracy about the real Pantheon!!
Well.. probably not…

Anyway, we don’t know it.

Anyway here the Soldier who looks like a gladiator in his golden armor in all his glory!


He is pretty nice to play from time to time, as he got abit longer range than the Rogue – with his skill even all over the visible map!
Also he is abit slower, but not lame, so it is okay.

Let’s take a look on his usual attack:


It’s decent, the damage is ok. Considering he also can take some damage without dieing instantly.

  • “A medium ranged spear attack.”

Now to his right-handed skill:


  • “A long ranged shield throw. Turns into stun and damage aura.”

Not much to say to him, besides that I still think, this is Pantheon >_<!


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