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A Short Summary About Another (Wasted?) Afternoon: Hearthstone And Sanctuary RPG

This Hearthstone got me more than bored today, but with 3 Quests available I felt kinda obligated to accomplish at least one. Now I had 2 quests which each of them required 5 wins with the hunter. So yea, I went for the one with hunter.. After hours of close matches (and many losses for me) it was done. Finally. I hated that game yet, but after all it was DONE.

With 150 Gold ready I was able to buy an arena entrance.. I’m not sure why I even did this, after hating this game so much, lol. So yea, no explanation for that, I just did and got to choose between Shaman.. Assassin.. and Paladin…..
And then again I was thinking, why did you just do that.
– I usually prefer going with Priest, Druid or Mage.
Well, so… with Paladin then..!

Then the unexpected happened – first enemy an Assassin. And not only that.. It has been a long time, I’ve had an enemy making such senseless decisions… I felt so damn lucky.
And I mean.. pretty senseless decisions.. (as giving +2 Atk to the weapon and THEN using the hero ability). These are mistakes a beginner maybe would make. And it wasn’t her only mistake. Maybe the player behind that Assassin was drunk or sth, else I can’t explain that to myself.

So 1. match, izi win.
After that I had a Warlock, 2 Mages and a Priest as enemy.

Hearthstone_Screenshot_3152015162555_phixr (1)

This moment, when you are 5/0.
(Such a beautiful moment indeed, made me forget about all that hate about Hearthstone)

Then the winning strike ended. After all I couldn’t get more than 6 wins, and this was the outcome:


Then I’ve went a while to Sanctuary RPG, where suddenly a weird message appears.



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Assassin In ELO Hell !


Yep, after playing my “placements” in Sanctuary RPG I’ve entered the “Copper” League.. (really?! copper..?) and this, although I’ve won all of the 5 placement games pfff.. But I guess “you are where you belong to” ~.~

1635 ELO, that’s about the same amount I got in LoL, coincidence? I don’t think so!

Well, anyway, here my LvL 30 Assassin in Softcore Modus, she didn’t die anyway so far, but well..!
At least once I want to pass the game, then I will go back to classic mode and play it roguelike, ok.

This has been the 3. class I tried in this game – after Ranger and Barbarian (RIP..)

The Barbarian has been even quite easy with his enormous amount of health.
The Assassin however, is alot of fun. TONS OF DAMAGE, self-healing (HP+MP), ridiculous dodging and crits for even more damage!


sanctuary rpg steam

..passed today the 10h milestone btw. 😀
(not sure if that is actually a good thing..)

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Really. It’s 7:42 pm right now as I look up the time on my desktop. How could that happen, I’ve just spent the whole afternoon in this game .-.


And it looks simple but it has EVERYTHING.

Let’s check that:

  • We have housing (my home and the tavern)
  • We have economy (tavern with guests and >> beer <<, price fluctuation included..
  • We have crafting (make weapons, shields, armor, even books!)
  • We have mining. Ok. It’s not like in Minecraft, but we have mining >_<!
  • We have ELO and Divisions!! Even more than in League of Legends (watch out Rito >D !! ) – as it includes the Wood- and Copper Division – Ha!
  • Dungeons + Quests + Story
  • and.. who knows what else, as this might just be the begin >_<

I have to admit, I was skeptical, when I’ve seen this game for the first time, until I’ve read its reviews. But it goes really deep into its details, there is so much to do. Totally awesome job the devs made here! 😀

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A Ranger’s Adventure.

“There’s nothing more sensual than a ranger waiting in the woods. You lure your prey into the forest with giggles and hand waves. The last few people you killed died incredibly happy, you’re sure. You’re pretty big into penetrating enemies with sharp objects.”

With these words our Ranger’s story begins.

After choosing gender, race, origin, we get a short description of ourself:


Going through the tutorial our Ranger encounters his first boss, a Blue Slime! The battle was hard, a few times been next to the death’s door, but through smart repositioning we kite him like a professional and make it!


Errr… wait .. what?! D:

Anyway, our travel continues, we meet a Blacksmith and some people in misery.. But I don’t want to give too much of spoilers – not yet! :3

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