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Overture Classes – The Rogue

Today I show you my favourite class in this game!


The Rogue :3
What do I like so much about him? Well…

  1. He does an incredible high damage! Just like that.
  2. Fast walking speed! (lame is just lame)
  3. He can “disappear” anytime and be safe (as long he got mana)

These surely are some awesome aspects, however he got some disadvantages too:

  • You might have guessed it yet, but besides doing incredible high damage he also TAKES incredible high damage (or is it his HP pool? Whatever, he is damn squishy!)
  • He got really short range. So besides being squishy you need to get near the enemies. Fortunately he got a rly useful skill on his second hand!

So let’s show these.


Here his “normal” attack.
“Four short daggers to the face.”
Looks simple, but is deadly.


“Cloak yourself while releasing a cloud of blinding smoke.”
So if this isn’t OP, I don’t know what is 😀 !
You can virtually become untouchable whenever you want – as long you got mana!

Also here a few screenshots with the Rogue! :]



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