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Diamonds! Need More Diamonds.. O_O

Okay! First of all – we have a house here (my house). It’s pretty simple… I like simplicity >_>


I really need a Quarry. Don’t know what a quarry is? NP!! Here you go ->

As building it is quite ressource-intense, I’ve went a bit (to my “beloved”) underground…
This was the outcome after the 1. run:


I think, this furnace isn’t bad at all. Surely not the best, but pretty good to start with, as it requires only 22 coublestones to build it.

slag furnace

However, I’ve been in need of more diamonds, so after some research I’ve found THIS:

get diamonds

The almighty Minium Stone!!
How to craft one? Izi – out of Minium Shards!
But how to get those Minium Shards? Well, it’s a monster drop. Not super rare, however, it’s not like every slain mob will give one. Anyway, this one is fun!!! I love hunting agressive monsters *-*
So…. you can easily guess, what I’ll be doing the next time :v


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