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A Ranger’s Adventure.

“There’s nothing more sensual than a ranger waiting in the woods. You lure your prey into the forest with giggles and hand waves. The last few people you killed died incredibly happy, you’re sure. You’re pretty big into penetrating enemies with sharp objects.”

With these words our Ranger’s story begins.

After choosing gender, race, origin, we get a short description of ourself:


Going through the tutorial our Ranger encounters his first boss, a Blue Slime! The battle was hard, a few times been next to the death’s door, but through smart repositioning we kite him like a professional and make it!


Errr… wait .. what?! D:

Anyway, our travel continues, we meet a Blacksmith and some people in misery.. But I don’t want to give too much of spoilers – not yet! :3


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Overture Classes – The Ranger

So, there is another pixel dungeon game I really love to play! It has very similar graphics to Quest of Dungeons tho, as they are using the same sprite pack.

Overture covers 24(!) character classes btw! That’s sure alot, so from time to time I will just introduce one of them.

What else offers this game?

  • Tons of Loot! And I mean TONS OF LOOT. That’s all shiny and glittering, makes awesome bling! sounds when picking up and you might feel like christmas, birthday and eastern just together!
  • Bosses. There are Mini Bosses, there are Elite Monsters. There are Guardians and last but not least the Final Boss of each stage. Some are easier, others are quite hard and also require abit of luck, to be able to beat them!
  • Dungeons are generated randomly.
  • 16bit sounds and graphics!
  • Random enchantments on weapons and items!

Now let’s begin today with a basic class: The Ranger.


Every class got 2 skills. One with the left mouse buttom, the other skill, which usually consumes mana, is on the right buttom.


The Ranger’s basic skill with the left mouse buttom:

  • “Shoot a single arrow. Gain mana on hit.”


And on his right mouse buttom:

  • “Fire a volley of sharpened arrows.

So I think this is pretty self explained. From own experience I can say, the Ranger has an awesome Attack Range and great damage with his skill on the right. However, he has no escape and is quite squishy. So better get them before they get to you!

I’ve played abit with him today, so I could show you some ingame screens:


interested in more infos? Here’s the official trailer :3

The game is available on Steam btw!

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