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An Orphan’s Adventure – TalonRo


This is Maya.
Maya is tiny, she’s a baby novice.
And she loves experiencing the world!


Here Maya is standing on a wooden Bridge, in West Prontera.
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the fish are swimming, and everyone is quite happy!
What a beautiful day! 😀


There are also monsters in this beautiful world.
But no problem, Maya will fight them all!


After wandering over the fields along the rivers, Maya arrives a desolate place..
The sun is burning, it’s hot.
Flurries of fine sand hit from time to time against her face..
The remains of past wanderers are half burried in the ground.


Picky dropped a card!
Maya is happy now.

Next map was a trap tho..
And Maya cought in the Sograt Desert – Continental Guard Quarantine.
It’s a dark place.
Death is in the air.
Maya is able to bravely defend herself against the monster ants and even the fire scorpions.
Until suddenly a shadow appeared.
The shadow of the legendary Valkyrie.
And the shadow took Maya’s life away..


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Christmas In The 13th Month With Osu!

So after my friend John meant, I should stream (and I denied as my PC won’t do that), I had the idea to get some osu! replays on Youtube.

I’m a casual player, keep that in mind please while watching – the songs are really easy (normal difficulty, nothing with “insane”).

And yes, this is 100%, SS on an easy one. Christmas in the 13. Month – the Niflheim song. Old Ragnarok Online players will know it and may become lost in nostalgia ❤

This one was abit harder for me – Parasyte Opening! Actually made this video because a good friend of me likes the opening really much.
It needed some trys and the little error at the end I just couldn’t avoid, so here it is with a simple S.

Now if you feel like trying osu! out by yourself (it’s free, btw), you can get it on its website:

They have tons of beatmaps aswell, so have fun in trying them all out :v
(Myself I had not long ago over 70GB in my song folder D: And had to delete some stuff…)


So maybe you want to consider (better than me) which beatmaps you wanna download 😀

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