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Because I Love Priest Control Decks :3


One of the “key cards” I badly want, and my friend got it (gz btw *-* )
But in all honesty, the envy is real, haha! Anyway I’m happy for him he got it :3

In case you don’t know this card and need an english description:
“Double the damage and healing of your spells and Hero Power.”

But now I will go into further explanation why I want this card and which deck I like to build with it!

I should mention the deck’s creator, a genius from germany, Quenthus ! Really, I’ve seen his deck and I loved it 😀

And here the complete deck – in english ofc!
Priest Ultimate Control Deck

(german original link: )

This guy made there some awesome explanations btw, which I will happily share with you!

  1. Auchenai Soulpriest: One nice combo with her can be with the Earthen Ring Farseer. This one yet will be able to do 3 damage to an enemy minion and if this is still not enough, you can kill a creature with 5 defense by using your Hero Ability afterwards. With the almighty prophet on the table your Heal will even do 4 damage.
  2. Crazed Alchemist: In this deck this card is supposed to be one of the key cards and – at the same time – one of the strongest. You can, as example, turn around an enemy card, so it will suit for your Cabal Shadow Priest card. Also it works perfectly fine against 0 atk damage cards like the shaman’s Flametongue Totem.
  3. Northshire Cleric: Works well if played together with Injured Blademaster. Another combo would be with Wild Pyromancer + Holy Nova.
  4. Earthen Ring Farseer: He won’t heal 6 with Prophet Velen, but only 3.

So yep, this is sth like a long-term goal for me, I love playing Priest and I love having controls 😀


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