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About Bards And Bananas.

So the PBE has recently been updated with some awesome skins to the April’s Fools Day.


Here the Banana Soraka, and look closely, she IS throwing the bananas!
Btw, Soraka has some great synergy with Wukong…
This “joke” was lame, lol.


To continue with Nami, my cute favourite main *-*
And with this skin even cuter!
Only 2 words… instant buy >_<
RIP wallet.


This moment… when the new 750 RP skin outclasses the ultimate skin.
RIP Spirit Guard Udyr?

Also Amumu and Nasus are getting new skins, however, I didn’t try them out today.


One thing I am really looking forward to is this. Champion Mastery. It’s just brilliant!
Can’t wait to get this on EUW!


And finally tried out the new support, Bard. These yellow thingies on the map he gotta collect for his passive btw.
And yes, he was fun, tho bugged abit while Kalista was linking to him.
I wonder if he can be a valid jungler aswell. Let’s see what the future brings!


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