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Christmas In The 13th Month With Osu!

So after my friend John meant, I should stream (and I denied as my PC won’t do that), I had the idea to get some osu! replays on Youtube.

I’m a casual player, keep that in mind please while watching – the songs are really easy (normal difficulty, nothing with “insane”).

And yes, this is 100%, SS on an easy one. Christmas in the 13. Month – the Niflheim song. Old Ragnarok Online players will know it and may become lost in nostalgia ❤

This one was abit harder for me – Parasyte Opening! Actually made this video because a good friend of me likes the opening really much.
It needed some trys and the little error at the end I just couldn’t avoid, so here it is with a simple S.

Now if you feel like trying osu! out by yourself (it’s free, btw), you can get it on its website:

They have tons of beatmaps aswell, so have fun in trying them all out :v
(Myself I had not long ago over 70GB in my song folder D: And had to delete some stuff…)


So maybe you want to consider (better than me) which beatmaps you wanna download 😀


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