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Doomed Pizza In Cook, Serve, Delicious!

serve cook delicious doomed

Now this is getting serious.
It’s not about money anymore, nor fame.
My very inner power is challenged here.. but it’s not the time to be scared, nor to retreat! Truth will be shown and justice be done..!

cook serve delicious ninja

Not a single word, nor any indication of a movement, only these strict eyes of that ninja focused on my hands. There have been rumors.. people sometimes whisper my hands were under a spell.. like these were no human hands.. because no regular human is able to make that many perfect meals in such a short time. Well.. spell or not, they will never know, this secret will die with me..! Muahahaha

Now as I stand there.. in front of me a layer of pizza dough, I breath in deeply. Remembering the wise words my Senpai always has told me… “It’s good for you!” These were his words.. after taking a big spoon of mayonnaise. And I brought my mayonnaise. Took a big spoon with it, slugged it down all at once..!
The eyes of the ninja were starring it me, like they wanted to say.. impossible!

As mentioned before, it was by far too late to retreat now.
With these words in my mind It’s good for you! I just spoke calm with a steady voice:
“Challenge accepted..!”

It’s time to leave some credits to my Senpai, long live the swedish cook!!


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3 Stars!!! Cook, Serve, Delicious!

So this is half time? Maybe! Anyway. Got the 3rd star on my restaurant today, how fancy my working place is now.. 🙂


With the 3rd star another cooking slot has been added, up to a total of 7 now.

And a new event, the Iron Cook Challenge!


Imagine, I may cook now the most popular meals with super speed! And this live in TV!!! They invited me 2 times yet. Yes, you heard it right! They’ve just been surprisingly impressed by my cooking skills the first time so I had to come soon a second time, serving tons of beer (nothing new) and my beer is by far the best in this country so that was half won yet! Then some hamburgers and pizzas and people were happy. Nothing easier than that, awaiting my 3rd challenge now :]


There also was an opening ceremony. You should have seen it with your own eyes, that place was full of happy people! Of course in need of even more beer, fortunately my beer is endless. I’m serious, it never runs out, ever. How? Well, that’s my secret :v

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