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When You Get Fast PC And Stick With Minecraft

Well, it’s not exactly my new PC, rather my husband’s. Anyway, I’m happy! 16 GB RAM, meaning, I can easily give Minecraft 4GB! And play all the mods =P (I didn’t try shaders tho, graphic card still sucks and will be changed later).

Minecraft Sunrise

But first of all, an almost perfect sunrise!
Graphically I still can’t do much, as the graphic card sucks. Still – little things are perfectly possible!

Minecraft LotR mod hobbits shire

So peaceful *-* Hobbit’s Shire. I always could play there, buut now I can actually play the LotR mod and go to fight enemies without being afraid of lags ๐Ÿ˜€

Minecraft Archer Zombie vs Farlander

Trying a private mod pack I got to see this scenery: Archer Zombie (infernal mob) fighting a Farlander Boss! Who will win? I actually didn’t see the result. The leaves in the air come from the weather mod – now also finally playable lagless!

Minecraft Glass Hat

First time trying a mod called “Hats”. It’s funny, because animals aswell as monsters have a chance to spawn with a random hat – and I didn’t know this before! Now actually being able to use all mod packs I could see it ingame.

Minecraft Moon

Most badass moon ever – nothing more to say here :v

So from 1GB to 4GB for Minecraft, this surely is a huuuge change ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
I hardly could decide what to play now and besides a few private mod packs I just got launchers (actually 4, including FTB, Tekkit, Void and AT Launcher). One mod pack deserves to be mentioned here: “Natural Magic” from the AT Launcher!
It has no tech but a nice combination between Magic, Nature and Archaeology, tho I never tried such mod. Regarding magic, there are actually many packs, however, this one includes (besides the usual Thaumcraft & co stuff) Ars Magica 2 and Runic Dungeons. Two mods I hardly got to work together with other mods. And here they are, so this makes me pretty happy ๐Ÿ˜€ But still not enough of awesomeness, with CoFH included the author configured the ore spawn more frequently and in higher layers – and I love this, because I’m lazy and like to get fast to “the good stuff” =P
Another mod I want to play through (besides Lord of the Rings mod) is Advent of Ascension. It’s a tough one with hard monsters, many new items, leveling system and 19(!) new dimensions (kinda remembers me of Divine RPG mod). Divine RPG is out for 1.7.10 aswell, tho I always thought those two things would be the same but appearently not. So I might try to put those 2 together which first seems to me like a crazy idea.


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Sims & Minecraft

Sometimes I like trying out just new combinations of mods which I gather by myself.

Today I didn’t feel much into that technical stuff of Tekkit Lite nor too much into fighting like in Hexxit, so I tried the new version of Sim-U-Kraft – “reloaded” now for 1.7.10.

Together with “Ruins” by AtomicStryker, some utility mods and some just for fun:

  • Armor Status HUD
  • Status Effect HUD
  • Damage Indicators (shows HP bars on mobs)
  • Tree Capitator (chop down whole tree at once)
  • Lucky Blocks (lucky blocks leave items, enemies or traps when being destroyed)
  • Deconstruction Mod (adds deconstruction table)
  • Roxas Fuel Mod (adds fuels)
  • Backpack Mod
  • Cyanos Lootable Bodies (when dying, you leave a corpse with your items in it)
  • Dungeonpack (dungeons to “clear” and then maybe to use as own buildings)
  • Improving Minecraft (some utilities, like craftable saddles etc)
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • Ironchests (bigger chests)
  • Jabba (a barrel mod)
  • Loot Bags (mobs drop bags which contain items; if taking all items out, bag disappears; can’t be used to store items)
  • Magic Clover (grass on chance drop a clover which can be used to get a random item – or a free creeper!)
  • Mapwriter
  • More Furnaces (you can upgrade furnaces for higher cooking speed)
  • Mo’Villages (I’ve set distance in the config file to 32, so theyย won’t spawn more oftenย than in vanilla minecraft; however they are more beautiful and can spawn in all biomes now)
  • NEI (for ingame recipes)
  • Optifine (to adjust graphics, reduce lag)
  • Waila (shows the block you are looking at)

So let’s see, what have I done today.

I would say, this is the Jack Sparrow ship! ๐Ÿ˜€

-> Loot Bags!

This is why I love the mapwriter mod! It does not only include a minimap, but also draws a map from where you’ve been yet.

And here we have an ugly Sim building the first residence. It’s kept VERY simple, because our first goal is to get more people, which will come with more homes available.
(And no worries! There are beautiful sims too!)

A lucky box in the wilderness near the village! Actually I wanted to take a screen after opening it, but the creeper which came out just looked so evil, so I ran >_>

This dungeon is cleared now. Actually I could use this building, but for now I leave it.

Last thing I gonna show for today here: The Deconstruction Table! Very useful with all this loot from the Loot Bags :3

Maybe in all abit “cheatlike”. Well, not always I feel like grinding! :v

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Mini Dimensions For The Lazy People!

Yay! Every time learning sth new ๐Ÿ˜€
Last time in Tekkit Lite I’ve learned (the hard way) not to play if you are almost asleep yet. Today have learned sth which has a way more awesomeness! Created my first Pocket Dimension to connect my Home Base with a second Base (near the cows, you remember my cows, don’t you?)

To create the necessary items I needed Enderpearls. So hunt Endermen?
Naw.. >_>
Let’s rather take the almighty Minium Stone, again. :3

Minium Stone

So there it is.
(Damn, this thing has some really useful recipes!!)

I actually had no idea how to work with Dimensional Doors. So thanks to Raphi, who provides desperate Minecrafters with some awesome tutorials!

So after watching carefully the video…


I managed to create this.


And this ๐Ÿ™‚

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Never Play After 3AM In The Morning.


Not only that I have a quarry yet and still went underground. I was also stupid enough to fall in lava (with over 40 Rubys and a Diamond Pickaxe in my inventory..)
That hurts… :/

For a reason my grandma always said.. “Never play after 3am in the morning”.

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I Like Trees. And Cows.

So… what do you do in Minecraft when your Quarry, in all its glory, just stopped working because it ran out of coal? Well, you will want to get more. Alot. The more the better. So let’s get TONS OF COAL now :3


A simple Oak Tree Farm will do it!
I do this all manually btw. Handmade – for better quality ๐Ÿ˜€ !

I am planning on a bigger industrial area in the desert!


However, suddenly I got the crazy idea to build an enchantment room near my villa. It’s not like I’d urgently need it… I have good tools.. tons of gems to make even more good tools.. I’m okay.
Anyway, I want the enchantment room. And I want it now!
Buuut.. looking at the crafting recipe, I notice, I haven’t seen a single cow yet.
Ok. What to do now (me was thinking).
Right, this Modpack has Mystcraft, you can just time travel until you find some c….. errr wait – you need books to travel with Mystcraft, don’t you? Smart idea then.
Then I see “Scrap Box” in NEI, was it 1,7% leather drop? Wow, that’s surely great!…
Ok. So I leave my home behind.. to travel accross the land.. I’m on a mission. The mission to find cows ._.!


Well, these guys weren’t “cows” :/ But maybe useful in future.. so I made them get babys, before I moved on.


Yay! What did we get here? Looks like we’ve found them!!!
It was a long march, my feet hurt, but I’m happy now.


Okay, not even 500m.. but hey! I’m not the youngest anymore you know?


Can there even be anything more beautiful than a happy cow family?
Umm.. right, my quarry :3 I still love it. No diamonds brought it so far, but I love it โค


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The Quarry!! Too Beautiful :’)

As the sun sets down, the freshly constructed quarry gets powered for the very first time. I think this is (one of the) most beautiful things I’ve ever seen D: !!


Gorgeous! How the machine just keeps working – in the silky light of the moon.. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


And take a close look on this little cobblestone how it is wandering within the pipe. ADOREABLE!! *-*


Seriously – where have you been all my life? ^^


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Diamonds! Need More Diamonds.. O_O

Okay! First of all – we have a house here (my house). It’s pretty simple… I like simplicity >_>


I really need a Quarry. Don’t know what a quarry is? NP!! Here you go ->

As building it is quite ressource-intense, I’ve went a bit (to my “beloved”) underground…
This was the outcome after the 1. run:


I think, this furnace isn’t bad at all. Surely not the best, but pretty good to start with, as it requires only 22 coublestones to build it.

slag furnace

However, I’ve been in need of more diamonds, so after some research I’ve found THIS:

get diamonds

The almighty Minium Stone!!
How to craft one? Izi – out of Minium Shards!
But how to get those Minium Shards? Well, it’s a monster drop. Not super rare, however, it’s not like every slain mob will give one. Anyway, this one is fun!!! I love hunting agressive monsters *-*
So…. you can easily guess, what I’ll be doing the next time :v

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It’s Tempting..

tekkit lite

I love such graphics ._. They make me wanna play it. Badly. Now.

Actually I wanted to dedicate myself since a while to a technic-based modpack yet. But seems I just can’t decide. There is this Tekkit Lite and its OP wiki site which makes me want to discover everything.. on the other hand the “big dig” modpack, with orespawn in every layer (I am just tired of digging underground for hours!), some dungeons included + a slightly newer MC version.
Then again I think.. hey once you have some machines, digging won’t be a big deal anymore! Oh well….

I guess I should go into Tekkit Lite and leave Big Dig for brain-afk days ;P !

Btw, this awesome graphic is from the Tekkit Lite Wiki right here:



New Start In MC Hexxit

I guess, most of you already know the Hexxit Modpack. Anyway, here again the Link:


So here we have – as usual – the spawn point. Nothing special, just deep in the jungle and no chest in sight, however, there was more than enough wood available ๐Ÿ˜€


After walking around for a good while I’ve found this awesome castle. However, it was still occupied by those skeleton men – but… for how long? *evil laugh*


Nice! An enchanted shield dropped by one of those IMBA (infernal) mobs!

Let’s make a short summary:
– found early some diamonds
– found & conquered castle
– killed infernal mob and got this awesome shield

I’m quite satisfied with that ๐Ÿ˜€ Now I can calmly go and play abit Diablo….. :]


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