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Bringing The Light Back! In Quest Of Dungeons

I did it!! Beaten the game with my little Mage – and – failed to screenshot the final boss…

Yep me sux ;P

Anyway there are still hard difficulties and 3 other classes, so… as long there are any achievements left, the game is not really beaten anyway. :3


Somehow I’ve noticed it was going to the end.
Actually I have been asking Google Senpai just when I was on Floor 6.
So now on the final floor, the 7th!

After clearing it completely I went for the End Boos, finally.
Overall it was an easy battle, until he came in my range.. and spoke some weird spell about Death >_<
That was enough for me, teleported first into a safe range then finished him off! ò_ó

quest of dungeon

So here is it, the Master Chest! O_O
AND.. we got the Master Key now!!!!
This is like Christmas! Or Eastern! Or even Birthday!!
Happy chest opening!!!! :3


After all the almighty Lantern is in our hands!
Over are the times of suffering, darkness is gone now! For good!

Yep, your nightfall definitely began in the wrong neighbourhood, cuz I am a Mage and I have totally magic!! 😀


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Pixeled Dungeons & Co.


This is atm one of my favourite games, called “Quest of Dungeons”. Available in Steam for about 5 € – and it will probably run on any PC, as of its 16bit graphics and sounds!


Here the description directly from the Steam page:


So back to my Wizard; the map just before moving on to the 2. floor.




And Boss encounter >D

Finally I thought you’d maybe like to see a Trailer of this game, so here we go:

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