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The Malzahar Is Real


So I’ve tried that in custom game.. (Yay! Pentakill on easy bots!! lol 😀 )

In the second game I’ve made some changes:

  • Ranger’s Trailblazer instead of Stalker’s Blade: I felt Malzahar really mana hungry. Considering that in a usual game you won’t always have the blue buff, etc.. I’ve found the pink weapon easier – for now. It’s also like an extra heal, so I think, I will keep this one.
  • Bye Chalice, hi Manamune!
  • I began Q / E instead of Q / W (after seen it somewhere else). However I felt the start even more difficult like this, so I’ll go with Q / W / E next time again.

This guy is pretty strong later! Just need to fix my early Gameplay (and ffs stop dieing at the jungle monsters hehe) and test when it is the right time to gank, then I will try him in PvP ^-^


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Jungle Malzahar AD – Legit!

Gold Division and still unable to jungle properly, so I might try this “New Meta”, as Malzahar is my 1. Mid champ to choose. It’s worth a try, at least I’m used to the champ yet, AP tho.

But NP! There are OP people in Youtube providing one with OP guides, so let’s take a look on this one by
Vandiril :

So here step by step, what the guy is explaining in his video:

  1. Why jungle Malzahar?
    • Very strong single target damage
    • Suppression!
    • Incredible late game pushing power
  2. Use your spell 3 times at the fountain, so when you use it for the 4th time, Voidling will spawn.
  3. You want to summon your first Voidling at 1:42. At Gromp you want to take his first 3 attacks (so the Voidling stays alive long enough)
  4. Skill order: Q W E E
  5. Blue side highly recommended (Gromp start) since Malzahar burns a lot of mana in the jungle. Also got 2 mana potions to slightly improve clearing speed.
  6. At first upgrade Machete to Stalker’s Blade (then get Warrior enchantment), get Boots of Lucidity and items like Manamune, Last Whisper, Black Cleaver, etc.
  7. Try to get as close to 40% CDR as possible. Warrior + CDR Boots + Masteries + Black Cleaver will give you a total of 40% cdr. You can also go for CDR glyphs and skip Black Cleaver.

-> Runes and Masteries

I am using Armor Penetration in marks instead of Quints tho (7 marks of Armor Penetration) and I don’t know really why he set up the rune page this way. But I’ve left the question under his video, so let’s see what he has to say 😀

Also check the video for the complete guide, as this was just a summary.

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