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Getting Deeper In G-Senjou No Maou

Well, I’ve played abit more yesterday and step by step the puzzle parts are getting together!

I haven’t read anything about the game before, neither I’ve watched any Let’s Play, so forgive me, when I am just assuming things which might not be true..! Anyway, with the time the truth will reveal… 😀 Also if you don’t like being spoilered, please be careful reading or don’t read it at all, as there most probably will be spoilers. 🙂


So after the protagonist, Azai Kyousuke, has been ordered to his adoptive father, he meets Shiratori Mizuha the next day in school, the daughter of the school director, who has been absent several days before. She shows anti sympathy towards Kyousuke, but also insecurity. She has been actually the only one in his school who got a glance on his “other life”, although Kyousuke has always intended to keep it as a secret. So of course he asks her to keep it as such aswell.

Btw the meeting with his “father” Gonzou revealed quite alot about the family’s organization.
He also ordered Kyousuke to go for his (not blood-related) sister, Kanon, as she has a promising future and Gonzou sees quite high potential in her related to the family business.
His clear words to Kyousuke: “Fuck her”.


Kyousuke with Aizawa Eiichi (you remember the Babyface Wannabe I talked about yesterday?) in their “club room”. While Kyousuke is “god” and Eiichi his follower. It’s quite funny to watch them both! 😀


I haven’t shown you Eiichi’s true identity yet, so here it is..! With his cutest smile!!! But beware, he can change from one second to another and being a complete different person.
2-faced babyface :v

One night in town we meet Usami Haru, that’s the real name btw of that weird girl who called herself Bin Laden or Hero. In a conversation she revealed that she is looking for Maou. We don’t know Maou yet, however must be someone important as his name appears in the game’s title..!


And this is Maou (the one with the silbern hair). He will be playing a game with the other guy who subestimates him at first, being confident of having won yet.
A brutal unexpected act of Maou brought him victory after all and at the same time showing his ruthlessness.


This is the final scene where I’ve stopped yesterday. Kyousuke talking with a psychiatrist. Nothing special so far, but I wanted to make use of the moment and take a picture of our protagonist, as he is rarely seen in game.


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Weird People In G-Senjou No Maou

It’s the first time I play a story-telling game like that and I’m pretty surprised about my patience of reading everything here! (Those who also skip just all the dialogues in those MMORPGs should know what I mean)


We play from the view of a young student and at the same time a kind of junior boss of a big company(?)/organization, who likes women and enjoys school. Also he seems well-educated and reasonable.


At school we get to know his friends.

There is this innocent naive girl, who is writing any details in her diary and seems to like the protagonist alot. She is very interested about him and they also go out together a few times.

Then we have “Prince Wannabe Charming”. A boy with a babyface, very well-informed about fashion, wellness, beauty, etc. He prefers older women and tries to convince them with incorrect facts.


The next girl is his sister – not related by blood. She needs tons of attention and seems to be full of energy. Her dream is being successful as a professional figure skater. Her mother is her coach at the same time.

And finally the (very strange) exchange student. She is just weird, however she likes playing the violin and some presentiment tells me, she will have an important role in this game. The others admire her long hair.


I’ve spent so far more time in this game than I’d had expected. And in fact I am quite curious about how it will continue, so you may stay tuned!

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