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Mini Dimensions For The Lazy People!

Yay! Every time learning sth new 😀
Last time in Tekkit Lite I’ve learned (the hard way) not to play if you are almost asleep yet. Today have learned sth which has a way more awesomeness! Created my first Pocket Dimension to connect my Home Base with a second Base (near the cows, you remember my cows, don’t you?)

To create the necessary items I needed Enderpearls. So hunt Endermen?
Naw.. >_>
Let’s rather take the almighty Minium Stone, again. :3

Minium Stone

So there it is.
(Damn, this thing has some really useful recipes!!)

I actually had no idea how to work with Dimensional Doors. So thanks to Raphi, who provides desperate Minecrafters with some awesome tutorials!

So after watching carefully the video…


I managed to create this.


And this 🙂


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