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Zelda OoT – Adventures in 2D

This lazy boy, sleeping day and night. Well, for his defense.. he is depressed, as people keep calling him Zelda, he stopped feeling like a real man long time ago..


This problem requires a professional!


Now this looks almost like ‘a Link to the Past’! Best Zelda part ever btw – in my honest opinion..!


The wise Deku tree has spoken…


Wanna try this game in 2D yourself?
You can get it (+ all the infos about its development) here:
Zelda OoT 2D

And for some might be very interesting, that actually an Online Multiplayer Modus is planned.

Now only left thing to hope, that Nintendo won’t shut down this project.


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Heroes Of The Storm – Futuristic Beta Gameplay

Some days ago I was happy to see the beta for me available, so I didn’t hesitate to give it a try!

First notable are the graphics. They are professional good, we wouldn’t expect anything else from Blizzard anyway, as they’ve always provided top graphics & sounds while keeping a good game performance. So again, good job on that!

And it is the WoW’s Paladin Uther who is first talking to us, while we play Starcraft’s Raynor!

Heroes of the Storm Tutorial 1

Quite everything is well explained during the tutorial, entertaining dialogues included.

Overall this new moba game gives me a quite futuristic impression, I’m not sure if I like that, but that’s a matter of personal taste.

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay 1

The gameplay is very different to what I’ve been used in League of Legends.
Yet after my first coop game I’ve noticed a “new” stat about map mechanics, which seem quite essential for the victory, meaning you need to accomplish certain tasks to get (temporary) advantages.
Another difference, in Heroes of the Storm you level up as a team. If top just pushed a minion wave, the whole team gets the exp.
Then the fact you don’t buy items here; in other words, you only return to base for healing (if returning at all). At least I can’t see any sense in returning for now, except for that. However, there are sometimes kind of healing charms droped in the lane AND there is a healing fountain you can use, unless it’s empty.

Heroes of the Storm Victory

My first coop game only lasted about 11 minutes, which is A WAY shorter than in LoL, where you may calculate 20-25 minutes for a game vs bots.

Heroes of the Storm sure has some aspects which make it worth to play. I can’t really say yet if I am going to stick with it tho, as also League of Legends keeps showing some great and interesting improvements and maybe I am just used to that game and like it too much, to go that much into another moba. However, every now and then it seems to be a nice pastime! :]

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About Bards And Bananas.

So the PBE has recently been updated with some awesome skins to the April’s Fools Day.


Here the Banana Soraka, and look closely, she IS throwing the bananas!
Btw, Soraka has some great synergy with Wukong…
This “joke” was lame, lol.


To continue with Nami, my cute favourite main *-*
And with this skin even cuter!
Only 2 words… instant buy >_<
RIP wallet.


This moment… when the new 750 RP skin outclasses the ultimate skin.
RIP Spirit Guard Udyr?

Also Amumu and Nasus are getting new skins, however, I didn’t try them out today.


One thing I am really looking forward to is this. Champion Mastery. It’s just brilliant!
Can’t wait to get this on EUW!


And finally tried out the new support, Bard. These yellow thingies on the map he gotta collect for his passive btw.
And yes, he was fun, tho bugged abit while Kalista was linking to him.
I wonder if he can be a valid jungler aswell. Let’s see what the future brings!

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