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The Bard With A Beard – Let’s Rock!

This is one of my “smaller” games, a great one tho! There’s hardly anything better than slashing enemies while being provided with good music. And this music rocks! A little taste of it is in this Trailer:

So how is that? Seems pretty cool, no?
Ok. Time to play abit!

choose team

Before a round is started you usually get a decent team first. So I want the Ninja! Because every team needs a Ninja, no? 😀
Then we have that Fighter guy, he also has an awesome beard (just like me hehe)!
Last we got a Priestess! She does not much, except a heal every now and then. Also I thought, a woman in the team might raise my men’s motivation abit.. (if you know what I mean ;o )

call unit

Here my Bard in his element – GUITAR SOLO!!!!! >D
(oh wait, it’s an axe..)

AXE SOLO!!!!!!!!


These little helpers always accompany me:
The village’s drunkard – on first sight not very useful, but his vomit is hax, slowing down enemies! CC plz :3 !!
And the village’s cow. This little cow does not only look incredible cute, it also helps me collect all the loot! Good cow 🙂


And here all of them in full action! Vs the first boss. Not too hard btw. He always gets pretty much owned. But keeps coming back.. Stupid troll just won’t give up!


At last I wanted to show you the Upgrade window.
(Here the Song of Defense)
Final day comes for every hero. And when this happens, you may go to shop with your collected gold. To become stronger and rock even harder >D !!


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