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Really. It’s 7:42 pm right now as I look up the time on my desktop. How could that happen, I’ve just spent the whole afternoon in this game .-.


And it looks simple but it has EVERYTHING.

Let’s check that:

  • We have housing (my home and the tavern)
  • We have economy (tavern with guests and >> beer <<, price fluctuation included..
  • We have crafting (make weapons, shields, armor, even books!)
  • We have mining. Ok. It’s not like in Minecraft, but we have mining >_<!
  • We have ELO and Divisions!! Even more than in League of Legends (watch out Rito >D !! ) – as it includes the Wood- and Copper Division – Ha!
  • Dungeons + Quests + Story
  • and.. who knows what else, as this might just be the begin >_<

I have to admit, I was skeptical, when I’ve seen this game for the first time, until I’ve read its reviews. But it goes really deep into its details, there is so much to do. Totally awesome job the devs made here! 😀


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