When You Get Fast PC And Stick With Minecraft

Well, it’s not exactly my new PC, rather my husband’s. Anyway, I’m happy! 16 GB RAM, meaning, I can easily give Minecraft 4GB! And play all the mods =P (I didn’t try shaders tho, graphic card still sucks and will be changed later).

Minecraft Sunrise

But first of all, an almost perfect sunrise!
Graphically I still can’t do much, as the graphic card sucks. Still – little things are perfectly possible!

Minecraft LotR mod hobbits shire

So peaceful *-* Hobbit’s Shire. I always could play there, buut now I can actually play the LotR mod and go to fight enemies without being afraid of lags 😀

Minecraft Archer Zombie vs Farlander

Trying a private mod pack I got to see this scenery: Archer Zombie (infernal mob) fighting a Farlander Boss! Who will win? I actually didn’t see the result. The leaves in the air come from the weather mod – now also finally playable lagless!

Minecraft Glass Hat

First time trying a mod called “Hats”. It’s funny, because animals aswell as monsters have a chance to spawn with a random hat – and I didn’t know this before! Now actually being able to use all mod packs I could see it ingame.

Minecraft Moon

Most badass moon ever – nothing more to say here :v

So from 1GB to 4GB for Minecraft, this surely is a huuuge change 😮
I hardly could decide what to play now and besides a few private mod packs I just got launchers (actually 4, including FTB, Tekkit, Void and AT Launcher). One mod pack deserves to be mentioned here: “Natural Magic” from the AT Launcher!
It has no tech but a nice combination between Magic, Nature and Archaeology, tho I never tried such mod. Regarding magic, there are actually many packs, however, this one includes (besides the usual Thaumcraft & co stuff) Ars Magica 2 and Runic Dungeons. Two mods I hardly got to work together with other mods. And here they are, so this makes me pretty happy 😀 But still not enough of awesomeness, with CoFH included the author configured the ore spawn more frequently and in higher layers – and I love this, because I’m lazy and like to get fast to “the good stuff” =P
Another mod I want to play through (besides Lord of the Rings mod) is Advent of Ascension. It’s a tough one with hard monsters, many new items, leveling system and 19(!) new dimensions (kinda remembers me of Divine RPG mod). Divine RPG is out for 1.7.10 aswell, tho I always thought those two things would be the same but appearently not. So I might try to put those 2 together which first seems to me like a crazy idea.


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