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47 Hours Played – Modded Torchlight 2

First, sorry about not posting since a long time now. It’s summer here and hot and this makes me really lazy. I have not forgotten about this page, I still love it and will never abandon ❤

And now to the topic, Torchlight 2, another hack&slay game and as mentioned in the title, I play it modded..!

T2 mods_phixr

So here we have the mod list in the order I play them. In Torchlight 2 the mod order seems quite important.
Ok. Let’s see what we’ve got:

#1 Enhanced Retex Part I + II
To say it short, it’s a rework of the ingame textures. I’ve seen a few screenshots and liked it instantly, so I got this one.

#2 Synergies All Addons
This mod combines addons for the popular Synergies mod. I don’t really know exactly what it all covers but as example some beautiful beams from items on the ground.

#3 LAO 2.0 Chaos Edition
So this one is funny. Original affixes have been removed and items spawn with random ones. I always love random stuff, so a must-take for me :D! Further it seems to balance out 1handed and 2handed weapons.

#4 Arkham’s & Ripper’s Armory
Some additional equipment with great skins!

#5 SynergiesMOD Compatible Torchlight 2 Essentials
A collection of smaller mods which can be used along with the big synergies mod. I couldn’t yet find a list but saw ingame stuff I wanted to have before, like the gold chest (a locked gold chest spawning in a map, the key is being dropped by monsters of the same map), or better (larger) inventory, more pets, classes, etc.

#6 Synergies MOD
Now here we are, the Synergies Mod! Said to be an overhaul and balance making to Torchlight 2. For more infos you maybe want to browse on their site:

#7 Far East Pack 1+2
My favourite and my bread and butter! This one brings some awesome classes into the game, with awesome styles, awesome weapons, awesome equip and overall alot of awesomeness ;D
I personally love to play the Kensai class! So yea, another MUST-HAVE!


And here is, what I’ve been talking about, my beloved Kensai! + DAT Samurai Sword ❤
On this picture low level. I had her higher yet, on veteran difficulty tho. After a while I decided to leave her and remake her in elite difficulty.
Btw, it is not always necessary to remake a char to change difficulty. You can do it through a console comment. However, I'd feel like cheating + I wanted the experience from the begin, so I just remade her.


And finally I’ve got here a nice example of one of the modded weapons ingame. The legendary drop is still rare tho. And those of you who know german language, can even see the random affixes, the weapon has now. I will try to think of changing the language into english next time, sorry about that!!

So.. back to gaming :3
Btw, I highly recommend this mod combination, it’s alot of fun!


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