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For The Sake Of Surprise – Mystery Skins In LoL

Sometimes I spontaneously feel the need of receiving some surprise gift (the “feel-like-a-little-girl-at-xmas-syndrome”), so I use my friend’s account to send me some mystery skins in LoL.

Actually……. those skins aren’t usually worth their price.
Usually… you won’t get any skin more worth than 975 RP.
Now you can say, still Mystery Skins cost only 490 RP buuuut.. wait for a 975 RP skin to be in sale.. and you will get it for 487 RP -.-! Not even talking about the 750 RP and 520 RP skins.
So if you’d just like to save RP.. I’d say DON’T fall for the mystery gifts. Especially when you can’t get ultimate skins (currently Ezreal, Udyr and Sona) – may it be because you got them yet or don’t have the champs.

If you’re lucky, you can still get some worth 1300 or more RP (and actually indeed save some money) or a legacy skin, which are only be sold for limited time during the year.

Anyways, when I send them to myself, it’s rather for the surprise than trying to save some money.
And so I did today, let’s see what came out! :3

league kog maw skin_phixr

1st attempt: Jurassic Kog’Maw!
Besides that this skin is pretty nice, I got 2 skins with Kog yet, included an ugly legacy skin ;). Anyway, I will use this one. It’s a 975 RP skin, could be worse, didn’t save anything but between 487 and 490 RP isn’t a huge difference aswell.

keague cassiopeia skin_phixr

2nd attempt: Siren Cassiopeia
This one was a fail. At least the skin itself isn’t ugly or anything.. still it’s only worth 520 RP – meaning on sale one can get it for 260 RP. Above all… due to having Mythic and Jade Fang Cassio.. I doubt I will use this skin much.

league vayne skin_phixr

Next fail 😀
3. attemt: Aristocrat Vayne
Now this one was pretty unnecessary. Imho this skin is ugly as **** ._. And having Dragonslayer Vayne, I won’t think twice which one to use in game. But well, an addition for the collection, nothing else really.

Now this was all, 3 surprise skins is enough for today 😀 Going to test that Kog’Maw one soon :3


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