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Took Me 2 Days – In The Enchanted Cave 2

Yesterday I began to try out another beautiful dungeon crawler!

the enchanted cave 1_phixr

I really like these kind of games 😀 Slaying tons of monsters, finding tons of treasures, exploring tons of rooms..!! You know what I mean, this feeling in there is just like on Christmas Eve *-*

the enchanted cave 2_phixr

And just when I though I would start writing about it, the game seemed to be over yet.
This sorcerer is the very endboss, I just encountered few minutes ago.

the enchanted cave 3_phixr

So yea, the game is over yet 😦

It’s kinda not surprising tho. The game was great but free:
The Enchanted Cave 2 on Kongregate btw.

I am waiting now the premium version of this, hopefully available on Steam soon, to see what else the game has to offer. Anyway, I had alot of fun with this 😀

the enchanted cave 4_phixr


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An Orphan’s Adventure – TalonRo


This is Maya.
Maya is tiny, she’s a baby novice.
And she loves experiencing the world!


Here Maya is standing on a wooden Bridge, in West Prontera.
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the fish are swimming, and everyone is quite happy!
What a beautiful day! 😀


There are also monsters in this beautiful world.
But no problem, Maya will fight them all!


After wandering over the fields along the rivers, Maya arrives a desolate place..
The sun is burning, it’s hot.
Flurries of fine sand hit from time to time against her face..
The remains of past wanderers are half burried in the ground.


Picky dropped a card!
Maya is happy now.

Next map was a trap tho..
And Maya cought in the Sograt Desert – Continental Guard Quarantine.
It’s a dark place.
Death is in the air.
Maya is able to bravely defend herself against the monster ants and even the fire scorpions.
Until suddenly a shadow appeared.
The shadow of the legendary Valkyrie.
And the shadow took Maya’s life away..

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