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Stressed Heroes!


To begin with some veteran heroes. I don’t expect them to beat the Necromancer tho.


First Priest turning insane yet 😀


While my other Priestess prefers acting as an hero!


But the battle is hard..


So I decided to save them and sent them home.

Well, but that’s not it, yet. Still got some new people waiting in home town, ready to be sent to a doomed future *insane evil laugh*!!


So full of hope and expectations! Let’s go Novices!!


And here we have a… well, she’s masochist now :O


Holy mother of…. THIS is what I call a masochist!! 😀


And now she is dead. DEATHBLOW!!
(She loved the pain a way too much I guess D: )


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Quest Failed – Ragequit!! XD

Hearthstone 1

Here the disaster begins.. After some lucky days, always receiving priest quests I’m now doomed with Warlock / Shaman.. … … =_=

Hearthstone 2

Both pretty sh….. so I take the lesser “evil” (ikr, warlocks and shamans are pretty awesome op haxx etc.. buuut not in my hands D: )


After (felt like) 20 games (ok no, I might be bad, but not THAT bad)


Yep, I kinda had this feeling.. that this priest will probably turn everything around again.


…and seems I was right about that .-.


It’s not like I didn’t know it before 😀

So.. I kept hard-trying for a while and could finish the other quest. However, the 2. victory with shaman is still missing >_<

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New Start In MC Hexxit

I guess, most of you already know the Hexxit Modpack. Anyway, here again the Link:


So here we have – as usual – the spawn point. Nothing special, just deep in the jungle and no chest in sight, however, there was more than enough wood available 😀


After walking around for a good while I’ve found this awesome castle. However, it was still occupied by those skeleton men – but… for how long? *evil laugh*


Nice! An enchanted shield dropped by one of those IMBA (infernal) mobs!

Let’s make a short summary:
– found early some diamonds
– found & conquered castle
– killed infernal mob and got this awesome shield

I’m quite satisfied with that 😀 Now I can calmly go and play abit Diablo….. :]


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