Definitely Free

Yesterday I discovered something, I wish I hadn’t. Kinda.

For the League players out there, you might wonder how much money you have spent so far on this wonderful play4free game:


And this is, how it’ll look like.
Your account data, amount of Mastery- & Runepages and the money wasted – in every possible currency.
And no, there hasn’t been just some calculations. If you like to know the exact amount of money spent, you actually have to add the amount of each currency..

But how people use to say:

Play League, it’s free!


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When You Get Fast PC And Stick With Minecraft

Well, it’s not exactly my new PC, rather my husband’s. Anyway, I’m happy! 16 GB RAM, meaning, I can easily give Minecraft 4GB! And play all the mods =P (I didn’t try shaders tho, graphic card still sucks and will be changed later).

Minecraft Sunrise

But first of all, an almost perfect sunrise!
Graphically I still can’t do much, as the graphic card sucks. Still – little things are perfectly possible!

Minecraft LotR mod hobbits shire

So peaceful *-* Hobbit’s Shire. I always could play there, buut now I can actually play the LotR mod and go to fight enemies without being afraid of lags 😀

Minecraft Archer Zombie vs Farlander

Trying a private mod pack I got to see this scenery: Archer Zombie (infernal mob) fighting a Farlander Boss! Who will win? I actually didn’t see the result. The leaves in the air come from the weather mod – now also finally playable lagless!

Minecraft Glass Hat

First time trying a mod called “Hats”. It’s funny, because animals aswell as monsters have a chance to spawn with a random hat – and I didn’t know this before! Now actually being able to use all mod packs I could see it ingame.

Minecraft Moon

Most badass moon ever – nothing more to say here :v

So from 1GB to 4GB for Minecraft, this surely is a huuuge change 😮
I hardly could decide what to play now and besides a few private mod packs I just got launchers (actually 4, including FTB, Tekkit, Void and AT Launcher). One mod pack deserves to be mentioned here: “Natural Magic” from the AT Launcher!
It has no tech but a nice combination between Magic, Nature and Archaeology, tho I never tried such mod. Regarding magic, there are actually many packs, however, this one includes (besides the usual Thaumcraft & co stuff) Ars Magica 2 and Runic Dungeons. Two mods I hardly got to work together with other mods. And here they are, so this makes me pretty happy 😀 But still not enough of awesomeness, with CoFH included the author configured the ore spawn more frequently and in higher layers – and I love this, because I’m lazy and like to get fast to “the good stuff” =P
Another mod I want to play through (besides Lord of the Rings mod) is Advent of Ascension. It’s a tough one with hard monsters, many new items, leveling system and 19(!) new dimensions (kinda remembers me of Divine RPG mod). Divine RPG is out for 1.7.10 aswell, tho I always thought those two things would be the same but appearently not. So I might try to put those 2 together which first seems to me like a crazy idea.

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47 Hours Played – Modded Torchlight 2

First, sorry about not posting since a long time now. It’s summer here and hot and this makes me really lazy. I have not forgotten about this page, I still love it and will never abandon ❤

And now to the topic, Torchlight 2, another hack&slay game and as mentioned in the title, I play it modded..!

T2 mods_phixr

So here we have the mod list in the order I play them. In Torchlight 2 the mod order seems quite important.
Ok. Let’s see what we’ve got:

#1 Enhanced Retex Part I + II
To say it short, it’s a rework of the ingame textures. I’ve seen a few screenshots and liked it instantly, so I got this one.

#2 Synergies All Addons
This mod combines addons for the popular Synergies mod. I don’t really know exactly what it all covers but as example some beautiful beams from items on the ground.

#3 LAO 2.0 Chaos Edition
So this one is funny. Original affixes have been removed and items spawn with random ones. I always love random stuff, so a must-take for me :D! Further it seems to balance out 1handed and 2handed weapons.

#4 Arkham’s & Ripper’s Armory
Some additional equipment with great skins!

#5 SynergiesMOD Compatible Torchlight 2 Essentials
A collection of smaller mods which can be used along with the big synergies mod. I couldn’t yet find a list but saw ingame stuff I wanted to have before, like the gold chest (a locked gold chest spawning in a map, the key is being dropped by monsters of the same map), or better (larger) inventory, more pets, classes, etc.

#6 Synergies MOD
Now here we are, the Synergies Mod! Said to be an overhaul and balance making to Torchlight 2. For more infos you maybe want to browse on their site:

#7 Far East Pack 1+2
My favourite and my bread and butter! This one brings some awesome classes into the game, with awesome styles, awesome weapons, awesome equip and overall alot of awesomeness ;D
I personally love to play the Kensai class! So yea, another MUST-HAVE!


And here is, what I’ve been talking about, my beloved Kensai! + DAT Samurai Sword ❤
On this picture low level. I had her higher yet, on veteran difficulty tho. After a while I decided to leave her and remake her in elite difficulty.
Btw, it is not always necessary to remake a char to change difficulty. You can do it through a console comment. However, I'd feel like cheating + I wanted the experience from the begin, so I just remade her.


And finally I’ve got here a nice example of one of the modded weapons ingame. The legendary drop is still rare tho. And those of you who know german language, can even see the random affixes, the weapon has now. I will try to think of changing the language into english next time, sorry about that!!

So.. back to gaming :3
Btw, I highly recommend this mod combination, it’s alot of fun!

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For The Sake Of Surprise – Mystery Skins In LoL

Sometimes I spontaneously feel the need of receiving some surprise gift (the “feel-like-a-little-girl-at-xmas-syndrome”), so I use my friend’s account to send me some mystery skins in LoL.

Actually……. those skins aren’t usually worth their price.
Usually… you won’t get any skin more worth than 975 RP.
Now you can say, still Mystery Skins cost only 490 RP buuuut.. wait for a 975 RP skin to be in sale.. and you will get it for 487 RP -.-! Not even talking about the 750 RP and 520 RP skins.
So if you’d just like to save RP.. I’d say DON’T fall for the mystery gifts. Especially when you can’t get ultimate skins (currently Ezreal, Udyr and Sona) – may it be because you got them yet or don’t have the champs.

If you’re lucky, you can still get some worth 1300 or more RP (and actually indeed save some money) or a legacy skin, which are only be sold for limited time during the year.

Anyways, when I send them to myself, it’s rather for the surprise than trying to save some money.
And so I did today, let’s see what came out! :3

league kog maw skin_phixr

1st attempt: Jurassic Kog’Maw!
Besides that this skin is pretty nice, I got 2 skins with Kog yet, included an ugly legacy skin ;). Anyway, I will use this one. It’s a 975 RP skin, could be worse, didn’t save anything but between 487 and 490 RP isn’t a huge difference aswell.

keague cassiopeia skin_phixr

2nd attempt: Siren Cassiopeia
This one was a fail. At least the skin itself isn’t ugly or anything.. still it’s only worth 520 RP – meaning on sale one can get it for 260 RP. Above all… due to having Mythic and Jade Fang Cassio.. I doubt I will use this skin much.

league vayne skin_phixr

Next fail 😀
3. attemt: Aristocrat Vayne
Now this one was pretty unnecessary. Imho this skin is ugly as **** ._. And having Dragonslayer Vayne, I won’t think twice which one to use in game. But well, an addition for the collection, nothing else really.

Now this was all, 3 surprise skins is enough for today 😀 Going to test that Kog’Maw one soon :3

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Behind Blue Eyes

This is going to be only a short post.
Yesterday after using one of my ultimate abilities I saw THESE EYES! I was like flashed by the look, and this is on lowest graphic quality…. Also there is coming some icy fog out of the hands. Love it! Just look at it, this is so cool *-*!!

Elder Scrolls Eyes

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Lost In The Elder Scrolls

I must say, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game, which made me totally happy. I actually could spend my whole day with it. But…
…seems destiny had a greater plan with me. So came that my friend John gifted me this one; The Elder Scrolls Online..!

This again has put me since then into a dilemma, only thing left to say here.. -> first world problems ._.!

1st world

Ok. Not too hard the decision, like… The Witcher I only got on our PS4, so that console needs to be unoccupied so I could play it. Else.. I indeed might just spend the whole day with that sexy man ;D

Buuuut back to the topic!! This wasn’t about The Witcher 3, but about The Elder Scrolls Online!
Time to show some material 😀

Elder Scrolls Online 1

And here we have an early character with a bow! Yea. I know. That’s incredible exciting.
Anyway, a pure screenshot in the rain. I should mention, the changing weather in TESO makes a damn good athmosphere, sth I am really enjoying in there..!

Later I got also some mods.

The Elder Scrolls 2

I’m a pretty big fan of modding. As you can see here, I got a minimap and a better quest listing.
Further some datas on the top of the screen, like experience bar, time, FPS, Ping.. (yes, the 215 ping, as I’m playing on NA server but living in europe, nothing I’d be surprised of, however it’s not noticeable aswell)

The Elder Scrolls 3

After leaving the cave now some nice scenery in the nature.

In all I can say, I really like the graphics of this game. It’s a contrast to the more comic-like WoW, but doesn’t look so cheap like many of those asian mmorpgs which have tried to achieve that.
Above all the game is running fluid, so nothing to complain about it.

The athmosphere is nice too tho.. to be honest I needed to bring down my expectations regarding that after playing The Witcher, which is kinda.. godlike in bringing athmosphere to the player.
Anywayyyyyy…. The Elder Scrolls Online also turned out to be very nice imho! :3

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Webcam vs The Witcher III Wild Hunt

Yea, I know. I sux.
OP game, OP console, OP graphics, shitty pictures :’D

Anyway, it’s here *-* Finally! The game I’ve been waiting months for.. I have written about it, maybe you remember.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

And I’ve been playing it! Imagine… me. Playing on console. Plz.
Actually I felt totally confused as I usually am a pure PC Gamer 😀 But it’s never too late to learn, and for my beloved Witcher I’ll gladly get used to the controls of the PS4 console :3

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Gameplay

OP screenshot. Really. Best screenshot ever made :v
Fortunately there are tons of The Witcher 3 material on the Internet… >_<

Anyway, it has been quite funny so far. Killed some dogs, met a firebug, visited a herb woman in her house after stealing all the herbs out of her garden – just to sell them afterwards to her… ummm… well 😀

Now my next job is to kill the griffin. This one is pretty tough tho ^^

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Back To WoW with Warlords Of Draenor

Well, there’s not much to tell about this. I guess, like everyone knows World of Warcraft.
So just a few Screenshots here.


Not too rare, this Pegasus was a reward (ty Blizzard u.u) for playing Hearthstone at its release.
The lady on it is my Worgen, low level, nothing special. But I like her hat..! >_<


Now here comes the real stuff; a nocturnal ride through the beautiful landscape of Draenor ❤


And this is my masterpiece *-*! I hate myself for not turning off the interface btw.. but else.. love it!


Last foto is of my level 2 Garnison. Awesome feature, they really got the max out of an housing system..!

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Zelda OoT – Adventures in 2D

This lazy boy, sleeping day and night. Well, for his defense.. he is depressed, as people keep calling him Zelda, he stopped feeling like a real man long time ago..


This problem requires a professional!


Now this looks almost like ‘a Link to the Past’! Best Zelda part ever btw – in my honest opinion..!


The wise Deku tree has spoken…


Wanna try this game in 2D yourself?
You can get it (+ all the infos about its development) here:
Zelda OoT 2D

And for some might be very interesting, that actually an Online Multiplayer Modus is planned.

Now only left thing to hope, that Nintendo won’t shut down this project.

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Took Me 2 Days – In The Enchanted Cave 2

Yesterday I began to try out another beautiful dungeon crawler!

the enchanted cave 1_phixr

I really like these kind of games 😀 Slaying tons of monsters, finding tons of treasures, exploring tons of rooms..!! You know what I mean, this feeling in there is just like on Christmas Eve *-*

the enchanted cave 2_phixr

And just when I though I would start writing about it, the game seemed to be over yet.
This sorcerer is the very endboss, I just encountered few minutes ago.

the enchanted cave 3_phixr

So yea, the game is over yet 😦

It’s kinda not surprising tho. The game was great but free:
The Enchanted Cave 2 on Kongregate btw.

I am waiting now the premium version of this, hopefully available on Steam soon, to see what else the game has to offer. Anyway, I had alot of fun with this 😀

the enchanted cave 4_phixr

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